Tuplet TrainerTuplet Trainer
Download on AS 130
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In the full version of TUPLET TRAINER you can select from 28 tuplets in 4 time signatures, each with multiple motifs, all in all allowing thousands of combinations. Add a groove (hi-hat and bass drum) to reinforce the feel of the time signature. Select different sounds and patterns for the metronome, grooves, and pads.

Tuplet Tr LiteTupletTr Lite
Download on AS 130
In the LITE version you can test the method and the functions in Tuplet Trainer with the Reference Rhythm for the 10 over 4 tuplet.

It is possible to view all the menus in TUPLET TRAINER LITE, but you can only play the 10 over 4 tuplet.

TUPLET TRAINER LITE is limited to one motif, that reflects the Subgrouping Formula which you should always keep in mind when playing the tuplet produced by this reference rhythm.

New in version 1.1

Extensive interface update for better clarity, workflow and control:
• New tab control for main / mixer / score pages
• Many controls repositioned for better workflow
• Major redesign of score page
• Added new descriptive labels on many controls
• Info mode is turned on when app is started (with option to disable this under menu > settings)
• Setting to turn off grid dashes in score page
• Changed and enlarged info button icon for clarity

Updated main menu:
• settings/about
• quick start guide
• tutorials (opens in web browser)
• manual (browser)
• tupletmusic.com link (browser)
• "support" link (opens new email to support@tupletmusic.com)

Bug fixes:
• The app will now work with locked rotation
• The app will remember the last used tuplet setting for each tuplet correctly. E.g. if the user has a "user setting" stored, the app will still load "default - straight" settings if those where the last that actually were selected.
• The first time the app is started, it is no longer possible to exit QuickStart until the last page. If you run the quick start guide from the main menu, you can exit on any page.